Tandoor Oven
Tandoor Oven
Tandoor Oven
Tandoor Oven


Tandoor Oven

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  • Terracotta clay
  • Grade 304 stainless steel grade
    (18 gauge for all 4 sides and 16 gauge steel for top)
  • Double insulation with high temperature resistant glasswool ( First insulation is between the walls of the drum, and second insulation is between the clay tandoor and the drum.)
  • Can serve a variety of businesses. It is best recommended for restaurants and banquets.
  • Comes in few standard sizes. Commonly used model is SSC32.
  • Portable
  • Charcoal and Gas
    (Our Gas ovens are certified to meet the international standards)
  • Indoors / Outdoor
    (Indoors it must be installed under ventilation hood)
  • Can be custom made in different sizes and design
  • Tile, Stone, Metal, Cement
  • 10 pieces of assorted skewers Top Mouth Cover and Cushion (gaddi)
  • Minimum 300 Kg
  • Yes
  • Charcoal tandoor is NSF certified Gas Oven is CSA standard