Dough Sheeter Counter Top
Dough Sheeter Counter Top


Dough Sheeter Counter Top

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Dough Sheeter Counter Top

1.Roller first stainless steel pipe,after the computer lathe,grinding,hard chrome plating and other treatment,roller surface is not adhesice,easy to hurt profits
2.Suitable for food shortening,dough can also be used for rolling
3.High quality,rugged,high stability,long life they use
4.Professinal design,so that the dough can be pressed into the thinnest,uniform thickness
5.Infeed conveyor,lint,wear resistance
6.Imported motor parts,increase service life
7.Machine operator safety,hygiene and easy cleaning
8.Foldable structure,saving space
Net Weight: 125kg   
Dimensions: 820X2080X620mm