Our deck ovens for bakeries and confectioneries are the perfect solution for the professional baking. Choose the most suitable oven to your requirements!

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he electric deck oven model UP is suitable for baking all types of bread and pastry whatever their sizes. It has a very compact and elegant design, fully in stainless steel. This oven is composed of 1, 2, 3 or 4 independent and insulated baking chambers. Deck independent operation allows diffe- rent baking temperatures for each deck, so that different types of products can be baked at the same time. Maximum baking temperature: 290°C 

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Electric deck oven mod. Jolly suitable for baking all types of bread and pastry whatever their sizes. This oven is composed of indipendent and insulated ba- king chambers. Decks independent operation allows different baking temperatures for each deck with the possibility to bake different products at the same time. Control panel: Avaiable only in the computer version. Heating: It is heated by armored heating elements, lo- cated under bottom and ceiling of each deck, ensuring heat distribution and good performance. 

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Single and Double Gas Pizza Deck Oven

  •  Full angle iron frame „
  •  Stainless steel front, top, sides and back „ 
  • Spring assist doors with concealed hinges 
  • Heavy chrome plated tubular steel door handle „ 
  • 32” (794mm) stainless steel legs (for single units)„ 
  • 12” (273mm) stainless steel legs (for double units)
  • Burner door opens easily for ignition, cleaning or adjustment, without removal of any fastenings „ 
  • Vitreous fiber insulation at top, back, sides, bottom and doors 
  • 60” x 36” x 10” (1524mm x 914mm x 254mm) oven compartment interior. „ 
  • Aluminized steel baking compartment liner „ Aluminized steel combustion chamber „ 
  • QHT Rokite deck supported by an angle iron frame
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ZANOLLI Citizen 


CITIZEN ovens are the result of years of tests and research. Designed and realized according to the most up-to-date projecting and construction standards, these ovens are manufactured in stainless steel and are available in two different versions: electric and gas-fired. The baking surface of the CITIZEN ovens is in a special refractory material to enable a proper diffusion of the heat. Thanks to this characteristic these ovens are particularly suitable to bake pizza directly on the refractory stone or in baking trays. 

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